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❝all tangled up in your love❞
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Most of the sex scenes I wrote that take place following Eugene and Rapunzel's wedding employed the fade-to-black device. Then someone posted some Rapunzel/Eugene BDSM on this list and raised the bar. So I...er...rose to the challenge...as it were.

Oh, and you're going to be viewing content that is DEFINITELY not suitable for all viewers!

While this is part of my "Northward-bound" story, it's the most explicit thing I've ever written.

Afterglow is...um...literal.Collapse )
Aug 11 2012 - FIC: A Year From Now
Title: A Year From Now
Authors: JMetropolis and Jane McAvoy
Fandom: Tangled
Characters & Pairings: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
Rating & Warnings: T
\Word Count: 20,824
Summary: A year from now, will you still remember me? Will you still choose me? Rapunzel travels to the kingdom on her own only to be discovered there by Gothel. Flynn saves her while trying to escape with the Lost Princess' crown, but will Rapunzel choose to stay and claim her birthright or go on the run with the wanted thief? Inspired by Tangled concept art.
AN: Written for the Tangled Big Bang writing challenge. Artwork for the story by Dinosaur Barbecue!
Links: LiveJournal; Fanfiction.net

On an otherwise typical diplomatic mission to England, Eugene discovers that he's not as orphaned as he'd always believed. Back in Corona, his newly-found family must adjust to the chaos that is the Royal Palace. But they soon learn that Eugene and Rapunzel are the guardians of the most dangerous secret in the world.

Byun Baekhyun → singing in the rain (3)
Hi everyone. (: I did a cover of I See The Light on piano and I wanted to share it. It's not as magical as the actual song, of course (and it's way too slow orz), but I'm proud of it, nonetheless. I hope everybody likes it. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Title: Tangled Tales, Chapter 1
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing(s): KingxQueen, eventual RapunzelxFlynn/Eugene and other characters.
Summary:Short stories that happen before, during and after the movie.
Disclaimer: I don't own this series in any way. Tangles belongs to Disney and Pixar.

The kingdom was euphoric for the first time in recent months. )

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